Best Cherry Blossom Sites in Iwate

Some of the popular Cherry Blossom viewing in Iwate

Cherry blossom viewing in Japan or "hanami" in Japanese, is to say the least the most popular pass time in spring if not the prime passion among most Japanese. Most people will pack a lunch basket or bento, some will pack a lot of alcoholic beverages. It's very common to see groups of people sing under the cherry trees.

Unfortunately the peak time for watching is  very ephemeral. Thankfully, Japan stretches from south to north making the cherry blossom viewing season longer. Some people will travel north following the cherry blossom pink line.

Long after the petals have fallen in Kansai and Kanto, Tohoku, the north east region, is starting to bloom. Iwate cherry blossom viewing is typically peaking in mid to late April. Some area, like Tono, are at their prime a little later during Golden Week, a long holiday at the beginning of May.

In Kanto and Kansai many will camp overnight to reserve a good spot. Most spots in Iwate aren't that busy, you can get a good spot just by coming early in the morning and you won't be elbow to elbow with your neighbours. This makes for a more pleasant experience. Here are some of the best spots for cherry blossom viewing in Iwate. Happy viewing!


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