Canvas Tokyo storefront (照片由: Ellis Kim)
Canvas Tokyo storefront (照片由: Ellis Kim)

Canvas Tokyo

A cafe for creativity

CANVAS TOKYO, located on a bustling Hiroo street corner, is different from the usual café. Simple and minimalistic in design, the place provides a blank canvas for creative minds.

Offering a range of coffee including espressos, cappuccinos and flat whites (including exceptional latte art from the barista), Canvas really turns heads with its delectable, chewy soy donuts from Nico Donuts, a well-known donut store located in Azabu-juban. Starting from ¥190, you can try up to 10 varieties available here. Beyond donuts, Canvas Tokyo offers a selection of sandwiches (¥580) and lunch bowls (¥800) – available in chili con carne and beer-infused pork varieties – making it a great lunch stop too.

Flat white
Flat white (照片由: Ellis Kim)

As the name and stylish yet minimalist interior hints (not to mention the glorious white façade), Canvas offers its own artist-in-residence space, as well as hosting pop-up stores, photo shoots and art exhibition. A recent event about Australian work-life balance introduced visitors to a taste of the Australian lifestyle and their flat white coffee culture. While it’s a small space, Keita Sato, CEO/Producer at Blanca Association, has created an environment that truly inspires the imagination.

Drinks and donuts
Drinks and donuts (照片由: Ellis Kim)

Canvas Tokyo is a popular spot among foreigners and locals alike, and you’ll see everyone from couples to the elderly on walks stop by when they happen upon the café. Through Instagram, Canvas became known for their coffees and soya bean-based smoothie paired with matching Nico donuts on top. Take a moment to search the #canvastokyo Instagram tag and you’ll see a never-ending feed of the donut-topped drinks. Many foreigners (in particular those from Korea and Taiwan) visiting Tokyo will include Canvas on their travel list.

The staff use fresh, healthy ingredients for their drinks and food, with any item on the menu being the perfect pick-me-up on a lazy summer's day. It’s a charming spot that you should definitely stop by when checking out the number of small shops in Hiroo.



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