照片由: GEAR East
照片由: GEAR East

GEAR Performance Hits Chiba Minato

A non-verbal, futuristic, one of a kind performance

GEAR is an energetic, aesthetically pleasing, non-verbal performance with a moving story that hits every emotion. Born out of Kyoto, the performance can now also be enjoyed in the Kanto region at the Chiba Port Square Complex in the Chiba Minato area in what is dubbed GEAR “East Version”.

The story, which is set in the future, revolves around a group of “Roboroids” (essentially androids) who work in a toy factory. One day, they discover a toy doll that comes to life overnight. With one touch, one by one, the doll then brings each Roboroid to life. Each Roboroid has a special talent that they showcase throughout the performance through breakdancing, mime, magic, and juggling. Accompanied by impressive stage effects using techniques like projection mapping, laser lighting, wind machines, and sound effects, GEAR offers a unique theatrical experience that stimulates all five senses.

照片由: GEAR East
照片由: GEAR East

Since the performance is non-verbal, the actors do not have any lines, but instead tell the story showing emotions through facial expressions and gestures. The performance transcends language, making it entertaining for people from all over the world aged 4 and above. An advance ticket for the performance costs JPY 4,200 for adults and JPY 2,200 for children aged 4 through 12. Discounts are also available for high school and college students.

As the performance lasts for 90 minutes, why not explore the Chiba Minato area to make the most of your day.

Chiba Port Town

This shopping center is located on the same premises as the theater where GEAR is held. It houses:

  • A cup-noodle specialty restaurant where you can try instant noodles picked from all over Japan rarely available in Tokyo.
  • A store specialized in Japan’s local delicacies.
  • A tax-free store where foreign tourists can enjoy one-stop shopping for popular made-in-Japan products, from electric home appliances to cosmetics to folk craft items and many more.
  • A pet goods store with one of the largest dog-runs in Tokyo.
  • A 100 yen shop full of ingenious items, ideal for souvenirs for foreign tourists.
  • A toy store that enchants even adults with items like Gundam models, Nintendo game machines and lots of Anime character goods you typically find in Akihabara.
  • One of the most expansive survival game fields in Kanto and various air-gun shooting ranges.
  • A buffet style restaurant, offering exquisite Japanese, Chinese & Western cuisines prepared by chefs trained at top-ranked restaurants at surprisingly affordable costs. In this restaurant, GEAR spectators will be offered a discount and a free gift of a breathtakingly beautiful drink in a lightbulb-shaped glass that actually sparkles.
  • A floor dedicated to stylish babies & kids goods and fashion items for men and women; from top brands offered at affordable prices.
照片由: Laox

Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art

This museum is dedicated to collecting and exhibiting modern and contemporary works by artists who are related to the Chiba Prefecture. The exhibited works are diverse in style and medium, including western influences and traditional Japanese pieces. The museum also plays an important role in the promotion of artistic activities in the local community through their exhibitions, lectures and workshops, and studio art courses.

Flea Market at Chiba Port Tower

There are actually two flea markets held in the park area at the Chiba Port Tower, one every first Sunday of the month and the other on the third Sunday of the month. Flea markets are quite popular in Japan and in an effort to avoid waste and give a new life to an item, locals are selling everything from antiques to kimonos, and anything else that would be in a typical flea market you are sure to find. Arrive early for the best bargains.

Photo: 世田谷ボロ市(2011.1.15) – 江戸村のとくぞう (Edomura no Tokuzo) / CC BY-SA 3.0


Getting to the Chiba Minato area is quite easy as there is an express train on the Keiyo Line from Tokyo Station that will have you at Chiba Minato Station in just under 45 minutes. If you are coming in from Chiba Station it is about a 20-minute walk to the Minato area, or you can rent a bike from the rental shop ‘Chibycle’ near the station and enjoy a bit of cycling along the seaside. They have a variety of types to choose from at just JPY 300 per 30 minutes.

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