EDC 2019 (照片由: Insomniac )
EDC 2019 (照片由: Insomniac )

Electric Daisy Carnival Japan 2019

Dancing with fire and rain

The Third edition of Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Japan was certainly another big hit this year with several special stages that have to be experienced first-hand to thoroughly understand and enjoy. Thousands of people worldwide united at the ZOZO Marine Stadium in Tokyo Bay to enjoy the music festival where all are welcome and to view worlds greatest headliners.

EDC Japan did not disappoint with amazing art and entertainment packed through the stadium and surrounding area. Festival attendees danced along to the moving retro boombox ARTCAR and the kinetic FIELD which is the world's largest stage. Visitors also enjoyed the mystical colorful neon GARDEN and the dance and hip-hop music at the cosmic BEACH, organized by ''HARD'' which manages the world's largest festival in LA (HARD SUMMER FESTIVAL).

EDC 2019
EDC 2019 (照片由: Insomniac )

Let's not forget the wide variety of snacks easily accessible at the spacious food court. Various meals are available including kebabs, pizza, teriyaki chicken, coriander meat pies, and grilled corn. Don't miss the dashimaki tamago dog, a tasty Japanese omelet put between two slices of bread that is becoming a new trend in Harajuku. There is also plenty of merchandise from clothes and flags to mugs and hats but purchase early as the cool stuff sells out fast.

This year, the moving retro boombox ARTCAR collaborated with VERDY, the famous graphic artist who designed the DJ booth and produced stunning DJs such as LAZY BOYS, Disk Nagataki, YouthQuak and more. They also put a large skateboarding park, collaborating with Red Bull and various graffiti artists such as DOPPEL, which drew a huge graffiti on a massive canvas right next to the park. It was absolutely amazing to see performances of top skaters such as Kaito Sagawa and Genki Sunakawa etc. Last but not least the majestic Kinetic FIELD stage was fully upgraded once again. Each year, this world-class stage comes to life on an unimaginable scale, with a newly imagined theme. This year, the theme was kinetic LOVE.

EDC 2019
EDC 2019 (照片由: Insomniac )

The weather can occasionally get a bit hot in May, but EDC has plenty of places to go grab a refreshment to cool off. This year was perfect for a dance on the beach where visitors can take in sweeping oceans view while watching the sun go down. Some people even decided to relax by taking a quick nap on the provided beach chairs.

The total lineup was amazing, it featured leaders of future house such as Peggy Gou, the DJ king Tiesto, and world-famous Skrillex, Major Lazer, Future and even more. The lineup was so good that at certain times you had to make a tough decision on which artists you’d like to see more or move from stage to stage in the middle of a set. The festival closed off with a stunning performance of the American Dj Genius Major Lazer and spectacular fireworks that left everyone with a memorable experience for a lifetime.

EDC 2019
EDC 2019 (照片由: Insomniac - imkeiki)
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