Camping near Tokyo

Renting a campervan and exploring Nikko and Northern Kanto

If you are starting a trip from the Tokyo area or coming in from Narita Airport, why not try the freedom of a campervan and explore the nature of Japan freely with your family and friends. There are several popular destinations near Tokyo, but we highly recommend visiting Northern Kanto and taking in Nikko, in Tochigi Prefecture. Nikko is a registered world heritage site and is one of Japan’s most popular outdoor destinations, making this a perfect destination for a campervan trip.

There are many highlights on a trip to Northern Kanto, and we have laid out a sample itinerary to help get you started. This trip runs through both Tochigi and Gunma Prefectures. On the first day we recommend driving up to “Nikko Toshogu” and “Kegon waterfall” near the Chuzenji-lake for some amazing sights. In Nikko Toshogu there is an ancient mausoleum constructed here for the Japanese hero Ieyasu Tokugawa. There are many fascinating buildings with Youmeimon as the best known. The beautiful and intricate architecture is designed to be seen from every angle. Kegon waterfall is listed as one of the three most famous waterfalls in Japan so this is certainly not to be missed. The water falls over 97 meter from Chuzenji-lake. With you campervan, you may choose the nearby Shobugahama campsite in Chuzenji-lake for easy access to both attractions. Simply exploring and resting nearby Chuzenji-lake is also a great way to spend some time.

For the second day on the plan, we recommend Senjogahara. It is said that the name Senjogahara comes from the war of Gods whose battleground created these marshy areas in the past. Nowadays, there are many famous roads for hiking in this area so tourist can get around easily and spend a day in the marshlands. This area is very famous for its diverse vegetation and animal populations living in the area. Visitors here can truly feel the power of life in Nikko area.

Continuing on the second day or moving into the third day, we recommend driving over to the nearby Akagi-mountains. The mountains here are famous for the beautiful mountain lake “Onuma Lake” which is locating at summit of the mountain. There is also the famous Akagi shrine located near the lake which houses “Akagi-hime” god of the lake. It is said she will grant a wish for all women who visit.

Sample/Example Itinerary

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Tokyo/Narita Airport Shobugahama campsite Akagi mountain campsite
↓ 1 hr 15 min 30 min
Collect campervan
(Fuji Cars Japan, Kashiwa)
Senjogahara Maebashi
↓ 2 hrs 20 min 10 min ↓ 2 hours and 30 minutes
Nikko Toshogu Yudaki Return campervan
(Fuji Cars Japan Kashiwa)
↓ 30 min 1 hour and 30 mins ↓ 1 hour
Kegon Waterfall Akagi mountain campsite (overnight) Tokyo (or Narita International Airport)
↓ 30 min
Shobugahama campsite (overnight)


Camper van Camper truck Peak season Options
3 days: ¥53,500 3 days: ¥80,200 Sat and holidays price: +¥5,000 per day Pickup: one way ¥7,000
5 days: ¥87,100 5 days: ¥131,500 High season price: +¥3,000 per day Bedding set: ¥5,500 per person
7 days: ¥120,700

7 days: ¥182,900

*High season: April 29th – May 10th, July and August *Bedding set includes: a set of Japanese quilts and mattresses, blanket, sheet.

Normal set (included in rental fee)
Kitchen set, a chair for outdoor, table and chair set, lantern and portable flash light, cooler box, Collision Damage Waiver and laundry charge.



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