Fireworks festival bonanza in Okazaki! (照片由: ARUNIMA SIKDAR)
Fireworks festival bonanza in Okazaki! (照片由: ARUNIMA SIKDAR)

Okazaki Fireworks Festival 2024

A heartwarming display of designer fireworks in Aichi

活动地点: Otogawa & Yahagi River 活动时间: Early Aug 2024

Fireworks Festivals or Hanabi-kai are some of the most spectacular festivals in Japan. Put on mostly during summer time, the multicolor fireworks light up the sky in many decorative ways. Okazaki is one of those places, and hosts such a festival every year on the first Saturday of August.

This old castle town has a remarkable history for being the birthplace of the Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa. Here, the tradition of making gunpowder for fireworks is still continuing and every year this festival comes with new designs for spectators. Interestingly, on this single day they light about 20,000 fireworks in the sky above the Ottawa River, by the Okazaki Castle area.

People come from different cities all over Aichi Prefecture to view these fireworks which make the Okazaki Fireworks Festival so vibrant and warm. Usually people reserve their places one day before near the banks of the Otogawa river, so it becomes very crowded. Reserved seating is also available and provides the best view of the fireworks. It is expensive, though.

Eventually when the evening time comes, around 18:50, the illumination starts. It's a kind of grand celebration of summer when people of every age gather with their family. Food, drinks, and the fresh aroma of homemade sushi and onigiri will make you feel very happy.

The festival continues until 21:00, and this 2-hour show will definitely steal your heart with the various unique designs of fireworks. This festival best represents the culture of Okazaki. If you are a person who values traditions and culture then you must visit this place especially for this summer fireworks festival!



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