Shibuya Halloween Madness 2016

Watch what went down in Shibuya on Halloween 2016!

Costume lovers, it's time to up your game.

If you want an insane night of costumes and street parties, you have to check out Shibuya at Halloween. The Japanese have taken Halloween to the next level. Known for cosplaying their anime and manga characters on any normal day, you can only imagine what it is like on this day dedicated to playing dress-up!

Other Halloween spots in Tokyo include Harajuku, Ropponggi, Disneyland and Ikebukuro but none of those compare to the crowd at the Shibuya crossing . The streets of Shibuya fill with Pikachus, Marios and Wallys on this crazy night. Police and ambulances are on stand-by well before the party starts. In the recent years Halloween at Shibuya have attracted not only locals but also tourists from around the world.

The event is suitable for all ages but heads up, it gets pretty rowdy after 9-10 pm.



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