About Life Coffee Brewers

A perfect coffee break in Shibuya

A good cup of coffee is a ritual, a habit, a good remedy against the cold of winter and - above all - a pleasure. For this, I advise all coffee lovers to visit About Life Coffee Brewers, a small gem of a coffee shop in the crowded Shibuya district. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. I discovered it on a cold, cold late December day, the perfect weather to enjoy a good coffee.

About Life Coffee Brewers is built into a white-bricked building, located on the corner of two streets. You can order your coffee from both windows and enjoy it outside the shop, as well as in the tight space inside the shop, where it's standing room only. The store's strong point is the wide choice of coffee, the attention to detail, and the friendly atmosphere. If you usually ride your bike into the city, this would make the perfect pit stop. There are a few small wooden benches and a pair of hooks on the side of the shop . Here you can hang bicycles and enjoy your coffee break.

As for the coffee itself, the shop offers a wide selection to please all customers. You can choose between two choices of espresso and at least three choices of hand drip coffee, all expertly prepared by the baristas. The original blend of About Life Coffee Brewers is a mix of three types of beans coming from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Brazil. The result is a very well-balanced deep taste, a perfect mixture between the rich fragrance of Ethiopian beans, the glamorous flavor of Guatemala and a firm Brazilian richness.

You can also purchase coffee beans to take home. Once you have chosen your coffee, they will immediately pack the beans that have just been roasted in a special bag so it can be stored without losing the aroma.

About Life Coffee Brewers is open from 8:30 to 20:30 every day.

The attention to detail, the baritas' passion for the job and the wide choice of coffee available all combine to make this shop your perfect coffee break in Shibuya.

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