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Tokyo's Itabashi City

Tokyo's Itabashi City

Sleiman Azizi

Itabashi City lies along the southern bank of the Arakawa River. Quietly residential, the area features many sights like the famous..

Lake Senba, Mito

Lake Senba, Mito

Elysse Hurtado

One of Mito’s landmark attractions is the beautiful Lake Senba, a part of the famous Kairakuen Park. Though it is a man-made l..

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Vietnam Festival in Yoyogi Park

Vietnam Festival in Yoyogi Park

Todd Wojnowski

The Vietnam Festival, held annually in Tokyo's Yoyogi Park, is an exciting and delicious slice of Southeast Asian life.  L..

东京, Yoyogi Park Jun 8th - Jun 9th 3 免费
A Land of Contrasts 10

A Land of Contrasts

Kim B

Part of what makes traveling throughout Japan so enjoyable is that the country truly is a land of contrasts. From varying landscapes..