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Autumn in Japan

Autumn has come! And so has some of the most striking scenery Japan has to offer. With tons of maple or ginkgo trees changing color and becoming magnificent from late September to early December, this season is one of the best times to be in Japan.

Hase-dera Temple in Nara, also called 'The Temple of Flowers', is famous for its beautiful autumn foliage along with peonies in spring. 更多
Go west and enjoy the autumn beauty at the Hozugawa River. 更多
Vivid Autumn Colors in Korankei: I was mesmerized by its beauty and enjoyed the gorgeous autumn colors here. 更多
Cherry, maple and gingko trees in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo offer a great variety of autumn colours in one place! 更多
Nakajimakoen (Sapporo) on a sunny autumn day, fall colours in full glory. 更多
Kegon-no-taki Falls is one of the Japan’s three greatest falls (Nachi-no-taki, and Fukuroda-no-taki Falls are other two). 更多
Chuzen-ji Lake in autumn is brilliantly colored with red, orange, and yellow. Especially in the morning, the light changes minute by minute, and fascinating views develop. 更多
In 1993 archaeologists determined Inakadate has been growing rice for 2000 years. As part of the celebrations, they created masterpieces from rice. It continues annually. 更多
The Yoro Valley or Yoro Keikoku is a rugged, lush, valley carved over centuries by the Yoro River. It is located in the central Boso peninsula of Chiba prefecture between 更多
An enchanting walk around the top of Asahidake, Mt. Asahi, in Daisetsuzen National Park. 更多
Horse-riding in Yamanashi against the backdrop of Mount Yatsugatake and Minami Alps in autumn 更多
Ueno Park in Tokyo takes on a whole new life every autumn, as the peaceful green of the leaves turns to a jamboree of vibrant reds, oranges and yellows. 更多