Coronavirus in Japan: Travel Updates

Last updated: Oct 15th 2022

Follow our latest updates on the coronavirus (Covid-19) situation in Japan.

In summary

Since October 11th 2022, Japan has fully reopened its borders to tourists, allowing visa-free, independent travel to Japan once again 🙌

  • A visa is no longer required for short stays (up to 90 days).
  • It's not necessary to book through a travel agency.
  • Daily entry caps have been phased out entirely.

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Table of contents

  1. Travel updates
  2. Staying safe in Japan: Covid FAQ
  3. Travel Advisories
  4. Official resources

As borders re-open, we'll no longer be updating this page regularly. Always check official venue websites for their latest updates.

Travel Updates

Borders set to Reopen to Independent Travel

Japan will allow visa-free, independent tourism and abolish daily arrival caps from Oct 11th, announces Prime Minister Kishida. Via Japan Times

Borders open for Tour Groups

Japan's cautious reopening to overseas tourists coincides with strict infection-prevention measures and rules for those hoping to visit Japan. Via Nippon

Temporarily Closed Places in Japan: A-Z Directory

Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant

4.5 (2 评论)

Temporarily closed until further notice due to coronavirus measures

Mazda Museum

Mazda Museum

The Mazda Museum is currently closed. Tour reservations are also temporarily unavailable. Further updates will be posted to the Mazda Museum official..